What are the advantages of a class action?

From a plaintiff’s perspective, a class action reduces costs and inconvenience and promotes timeliness in the resolution of many claims. The economies provided by the class action vehicle allow for the prosecution of claims involving smaller amounts in controversy.

A class action economically allows a group of individuals to band together and to contest actions that are directed at a group. By utilizing a class action, plaintiffs’ attorneys can both work on a contingency fee basis while simultaneously investing in the highest possible investigation of the nature of the plaintiffs’ claims. This includes investing in the best experts necessary to prevail on a claim.

In many of our cases, we have provided assistance in the formation of neighborhood groups concerned with a specific environmental policy. These groups acquire political power in that they may include hundreds or even thousands of voters. At the voting booth, this power can equalize the monetary advantage of a big corporate defendant or the political connections of a governmental defendant. Through this process, we have successfully modified the practices of numerous defendants and resolved problems that, in some instances, have plagued a neighborhood for over 60 years.

To achieve our clients’ objectives we not only engage in litigation but, where necessary, are involved in substantial political and community outreach programs including:

  • Renting local halls to conduct meetings and to communicate with the plaintiffs
  • Using standardized Claim Forms to expedite the process of establishing plaintiffs’ damages
  • Helping form or attending meetings by local neighborhood or environmental groups concerned with the issues being litigated

Where necessary, we utilize the political power of the tens of thousands of clients we have represented to counteract political pressure applied by the defendant.