Consumer Class Actions

When businesses or corporations cause harm to large groups of people, a class-action lawsuit may be the best way for people to seek justice.

Class-action lawsuits allow a group of people to bring numerous claims against a business or corporation in a single lawsuit. A class-action lawsuit is often filed when a large group of people suffer the same type of injury or damage. The class action allows them to file a lawsuit as a group and seek a judicial remedy for injustices that, in some cases, are too small to pursue as individuals.

Consumer class-action lawsuits can cover a wide range of legal issues and types of wrongdoing, such as unfair business practice/false advertising claims, hidden fees, consumer fraud, and breach of warranty.

Dubin Law, PLLC represents people in class-action lawsuits against corporations and businesses that have caused financial damage or injuries to people by producing dangerous or defective products, engaging in fraud, or systematically violating the rights of hundreds or even thousands of people.

What Is a Class-Action Lawsuit?

A class-action lawsuit combines many individual claims into one lawsuit. It is a procedural device that allows a single person or small group of people to file a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group of people, known as the “class.”

To be eligible to have a case certified as a class-action, the group of people must have been similarly injured or damaged by the same company or defendants. A class-action lawsuit allows individual claimants who otherwise would not have the means to pursue a lawsuit to come together as a group and file a claim to seek justice against the negligent party, and is a way for litigants to spread the cost of pursuing the lawsuit across a large group of people, rather than needing to bear the cost of filing a lawsuit alone.

In addition to providing a more expedient way to resolve disputes, a class action also offers strength in numbers for the people who were harmed. Filing a class-action lawsuit allows people to go toe-to-toe with big corporations that often have vast resources and a long reach.

Class-action lawsuits are common when a large group of people have been similarly injured or damaged by the same defendant, or when the degree of damage they suffered is too small to warrant an individual lawsuit.

How Does a Consumer Class-Action Lawsuit Work?

When a corporate defendant causes harm to a large group of people, an attorney can combine these claims into a single lawsuit. The group of people who were harmed will choose a lead plaintiff who will file the lawsuit on behalf of all of the members of the class. The lead plaintiff will work with the lawyer and will serve as a representative of the entire class. This process allows the lawsuit to proceed more smoothly and helps ensure consistency between members of the class, as there will only be one judge in one courtroom making decisions that affect the entire group.

Consumer Class-Action Lawsuit Under Investigation

Dubin Law handles a variety of consumer class-action lawsuits, including:

  • Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
  • False Advertising
  • Bait and Switch Marketing
  • Charging for Services Never Provided
  • Illegal Robocalls
  • Data Privacy and Security Breaches
  • Corporate Misconduct
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud

To learn more about these cases and determine whether you are eligible to participate in the class, contact Dubin Law today to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case and how Dubin Law can help.

Consumer Class Action Lawsuits on a Contingency Fee

Attorney David Dubin handles consumer class-action lawsuits on a contingency fee. This means you only pay your attorney if he recovers money for you. Even then, the lawyer’s fee does not come directly out of your pocket but instead is charged as a percentage of the total settlement or verdict. Taking consumer class-action cases on a contingency fee allows people to have access to high-quality legal representation, regardless of their financial situation.

How Dubin Law, PLLC Can Help

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