Class Action Filed Against Grosse Pointe Park for July 2021 Flood

Dubin Law, PLLC has filed a class action lawsuit against Grosse Pointe Park for the June 16, 2021 flood. Hundreds of people were impacted by the flooding due to the City's failure to maintain its sewers. The lawsuit asserts that the City failed to properly maintain, design, and operate its sanitary sewer system.
Sadly, this is the 3x in the last 10 years that the City's sewers suffered a catastrophic failure. “Many cities have ignored long-standing problems with their sewer systems and these disastrous flooding events are often foreseeable and preventable,” David Dubin said.

Basement flooding victims no longer have to accept this as true. Dubin Law can help. David Dubin has successfully represented thousands of clients throughout Michigan as a result of a basement flooding event. With unparalleled expertise in determining the cause of most basement flooding, Dubin Law specializes in acquiring the evidence necessary to prove the city liable for these events.

Michigan law dictates that basement flooding victims may be entitled to compensation. If a city fails to address operation or maintenance defects that it knew or should have known about, it can be held liable for causing your basement to flood. However, basement flooding victims must file a written Notice of Claim with the responsible governments within 45 days from the date the flood was discovered to preserve their right to file a lawsuit.

If you have experienced basement flooding and are interested in learning more about your rights, please give us a call at 734-821-9279.

Dubin Law, PLLC is one of the preeminent class action firms in Michigan. The firm specializes in cases involving basement flooding, governmental liability, and environmental contamination. David Dubin has represented tens of thousands of residents in lawsuits against governmental entities and private companies following widespread basement flooding events like this one. Mr. Dubin’s extensive history of dealing with basement flooding was most recently highlighted in the settlement reached with Oakland County and numerous municipalities following the flooding that occurred on August 11, 2014. As a result of Mr. Dubin’s advocacy, Oakland County residents were able to recover $11,500,000 in monetary compensation and $1,500,000 in improvement measures to the sewer and stormwater infrastructure.

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